Ok…so, I’ve been working with a certain realtor for a few weeks now in looking for a building for Life Source. Last week, her and I were scheduled to look at a few properties when she, 10 minutes before we were scheduled to meet, texted me and said that she was sorry but needed to cancel due to a massive migraine headache she was starting to feel come on. Having a history of migraines, she knew that she would soon be unable to function and texted me hoping to reschedule. I said, “No problem. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well and of course we can reschedule BUT first let me call you and pray for you.” So, I called her, commanded the headache to leave and never come back in the name of Jesus, she thanked me and then we hung up.
So, today, her and I met, looked at a property and then as we were leaving she said, “By the way, remember last week when you prayed for me?” “Yeah!” “After you prayed for me, I felt the headache completely dissipate and it never came on!” Then she told me how that never happens and thanked me for reminding her of God’s love and healing power. It was so awesome!!
Thank you Jesus!! Be encouraged, God is on the move and he moves through us—if we’ll let him. What a thrilling life it is to live in love and power in the Kingdom!!

Shared by Abe Madinger