Went to the jail today to minister the gospel to some brothers that called on me. As we met and talked about the things of God a man who none of us knew came over. After sharing his heart (confessing his need that he couldn’t break addiction on his own and that he needs help) I shared the good news of Jesus (love of God, divine purpose, deliverance from sin by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, being born-again, walking in newness of life, etc.) with him and with tears streaming down his face and trembling in the presence of God he surrendered his life to Christ! Every addiction broke off of him, his eyes had new life in him and this man (Tom) was born-again today by the love, power and gospel of Jesus Christ! I stayed for about an hour and ministered to them as the love of God continued to heal and set these men free! Truly powerful and amazing!! Welcome to the Kingdom and family of God Tom!

Shared by Abe Madinger