So, a couple weeks ago while my kids and I were on our way to school, a lady failed to yield, turned left in front of us and we crashed into each other. BAM!! Both of our cars got “totaled” but, thank you Jesus, all of us were okay! My kids went to school, I got to pray for her and we all went on our happy ways.
Now…because God has taught us to live with an emergency fund, are responsible drivers, and generally spend $2,000 or less per car, we only carry liability insurance. (When you crunch the numbers, it makes sense for us). This lady had no insurance and a suspended drivers license. So, we were out a car and NO insurance money was coming our way. But, that’s okay–God always takes care of his children and we were looking forward to what God would do.
(Back story)
At the same time all that was happening, I had plans to give away a minivan to a family in our church who was in need. I say that to say that I was tempted to keep it for myself. After all, I needed a car now. But, NOT giving the car away was NOT an option. So, after our car accident, we thanked God for His faithful provision and we gave this minivan to this family.
(Back to the main story)
Even though we only had liability insurance, I reported the accident to my insurance company–after all, that’s what you’re supposed to do.The claim representative assured me that “we will go after her,” after all, that is their job. I told him that my kids and I are okay, and that there was no need to add fear or burden to her already stressful life by trying to “go after her.” I also told him that “I’m a follower of Jesus, so I have no intentions of suing her or doing anything like that.” Taken back by my attitude, he commended me and we ended our call.
Thankfully, while I’ve been without my Volkswagen, I’ve had an extra car (without power-steering) that I’ve been able to use.
(Here’s the testimony)
To make a longer more detailed story shorter, in the last 3 days, 2 people have either called me or come up to me and given me checks as gifts they “felt the Lord was leading them to give.” Thank you Jesus!! Then today, the lady who hit us called us assured me that she wants to make it right and pay me whatever in takes to fix my car and to top it all off, my insurance company called me today out of the blue and said they want to give me a large sum for any medical bills we may incur. I assured him that we are all fine, but nevertheless, he insisted. What insurance company does that? Jesus is amazing!!
So, here’s the testimony in a simple math equation:
(1 at-fault, illegal driver with no car insurance) + (1 child of God responding in Christ) = 1 new friend, protection over our bodies, peace, love and joy and an abundance of financial provision to keep us doing God’s work!!
Be encouraged!! No matter what happens to you, when we respond in the character and nature of Christ, God’s Kingdom will always show up in power! After all, Christ in us is the hope of glory and He needs us to shine bright everywhere we go!! If we don’t , who will?
And, of course He will provide for you–after all, God never gives us purpose and responsibility without giving us the supernatural resources to carry it out!!
This kind of stuff happens in our lives all the time! Jesus is worthy!! Be encouraged!! God bless you all.

Shared by Abe Madinger