A lady called me the other day and left me a message saying that she was suffering excruciating pain in her right wrist. Modern medicine hadn’t helped her but she had heard from someone that God heals people through me so she called. (Wow…how humbling is that!? God is so good.) Today I followed up with her. With her on the phone, my intention was just to pray with her over the phone. Especially since I knew she was on the way west end of Billings and it hurt her tremendously to drive given than her wrist hurt so much. However, she insisted that I tell her where I was at so she could come meet me. I was up in the heights. But she came. Make a long story short, Rosebud and I commanded the pain, inflammation and problem to be healed in Jesus’ name. I asked her to test it and see if it was good. She did and she found Jesus had completely healed her!! Then I shared with her the gospel of the Kingdom and how Jesus Christ made a way to deliver us from sin and deposit His life (eternal life) in us by the Holy Spirit if only we would surrender our lives and put our faith in Him. It was amazing! She told me that she had just done that last week and God was totally overwhelming her with His love. It was amazing!!
Never a dull moment in Christ!! Be blessed my friends. Jesus is alive and He really loves you

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