I got a call to go to the St. Vincent ER the other evening. While in the waiting room my good friend, Diane Jobe, who was there to see the same family approached a lady who’s hands felt like they were “on fire” due to an allergic reaction. Diane prayed for her and Immediately, the pain and discomfort stopped. As Diane continued to minister to her I asked her how she was feeling. She said, “Amazing. Like I’m walking on clouds. Wow…this is crazy.” (Obviously the Holy Spirit was touching her.) Then, I approached her husband and cousin who were there with her and shared Jesus with them. God gave me a word for her husband that hit him in a powerful way and then I got to pray for her cousin who had an injured knee. Immediately after I prayed for him, he got up, walked and said, “every bit of pain is gone!” He was in shock and amazement. At that point the family Diane and I were there for came out and we changed focus. To make a long story short, in 30 minutes we ministered the gospel and saw Jesus completely heal 3 people!
This kind of stuff happens all the time in mine and my friends lives. Jesus is amazing!! He will do the same through you if you’ll let Him! There’s no greater joy than watching people get touched by the living God!

Shared by Abe Madinger